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The new work represents a process that explores the female body, as a present and non-present image. The female body intrigues Zian as someone who comes from a conservative society in which there is a constant struggle for control of the female body. The understanding, derived from academic research, that the human body in general and the female body in particular is not only biological, but influenced by social, cultural and historical factors encouraged her to examine and explore the status of women in traditional works of art that addressed the female body In art, and also in life.

Zian emphasizes what she sees as mystery and contrast represented in a woman's body: missing and existing, allowed and forbidden, profit and loss, black and white are ideas that lead her choices in the photographs she is directing. These contrasts will stand out in the new series, for example in a photo where a woman is seen covered in red velvet fabric and in the artist's eyes the color red combines the contrasts between beauty and fear and culturally symbolizes blood, violence and punishment on the one hand and love, passion and romance on the other. This red fabric, covers and reveals at the same time. The series asks questions about the woman's place, the choice of images stems from the desire to ask visually complex questions, explore boundaries and challenge social conventions.

Click here to download full story by curator Sigal Barkay (Heb)

Click here to download full story by curator Sigal Barkay (Eng)

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