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On Bare Concrete

On Bare Concrete holds a farewell song along with deep and painful longing, internal struggle, defiance and reconciliation, as she soars between worlds of memory and forgetfulness, tradition and progress, family orientation and one's independence. 

In her photographs, Ziyan brings a sense of bold, fresh way of thinking of someone who is chained to what she is now, to what she might wish to be, and to what she could never be.

In a series of meticulously staged photographs, in some of which she is present, vanishing and misleading the viewers at the same time. Ziyan leads us into her inner world which is instigated and surprisingly at peace. Air, wind and concrete mix compete in a rendezvous that seems to exist only in her world.

Ziyan's father was influential and meaningful in her life, and his figure is present in her works whether by photo or through metaphoric figures IE the concrete background in varying shades. 

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